Commission – Gali x Columbo = Galumbo

“MARINE PAINT”, 2018, charcoal pencils on toned grey paper and digital editing, 7″ x 5″

My esteemed Rewind Movie Podcast co-host Gali introduced me to Columbo back in the halcyon days of the Northern Film School, where our absurd amount of free time meant that we could scour the Freeview schedules on a daily basis looking for episodes, until I mustered up the spare cash from my sporadic cleaning jobs to buy the enormous series DVD boxset on discount from HMV in Leeds. From there, we were unstoppable, obsessing over the show’s bizarre and impressive roster of luminaries from Steven Spielberg and Jonathan Demme to Martin Sheen and Patrick McGoohan, cataloguing Peter Falk’s bag of method acting tics, and resolving to memorise every single murderer and weapon of choice.

When he asked if I could make a portrait of him, I just had to finally cast him in the role of a lifetime.

Commissions available on request – email

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