Boogie Nights

Movie Artwork
“It’s A Real Movie, Jack”, 2018, charcoal pencils and pastel pencils on toned grey paper, 7″ x 5″

You’re MOTORING! What’s your price for flight? I absolutely adore Paul Thomas Anderson’s monumental sophomore feature Boogie Nights, applying a sardonic and hyperactive Scorsese-meets-Altman panorama of kinetic camera work and needle drops atop magnetic turns by a phenomenal ensemble. Anchoring the whole thing admirably is one-time punchline and erstwhile Bandit Burt Reynolds, oozing charm and sleaze in a package of paternal exploitation. One of my absolute favourite genres is ‘band of misfits get together to make a thing’, and this film is one of the absolute best examples of this, while being so much more.

Available as a high quality A5 poster here. Original available, contact for details.

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