Jessica Chastain

“Jessica C”, 2013, grey coloured pencils on grey toned paper, 8″ x 11″

A very, very early sketch that I laboured over not long after picking up pencils for the first time in years. I drew this using very waxy Lyra Rembrandt pencils, which meant a lot more close attention to detail than I’m now used to and a lot less mess. Of all the sketches I made back then, this is one of only two that I still have around. I’m still pretty happy with it! Jessica Chastain was on such an amazing run of roles for so many years, from The Tree of Life onwards, but especially Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter, which I absolutely love. And, later, her incredibly imposing turn in A Most Violent Year. She’s pretty awesome.

Available as a high quality A4 poster here. Original available, contact for details.

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