Movie Artwork
“You Are My Lucky Star”, 2021, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, pastel pencils and chalk pastels on toned grey paper, 9″ x 9″

I’d previously sketched Ripley in full badass heroine James Cameron mode for Aliens so quite liked the idea of doing a ‘Four Ages of Ripley’ kind of thing. So I wanted to focus more on the quiet, I guess, normality of the original incarnation of Ripley (before the Cameronian action badass iconic overhaul she received in the sequel). Albeit, using the colours of the Nostromo patch to hint at the weirdness to come, but not so much depicting the stark looming darkness of space, but instead the calming off-white and eerie late-70s production design in the MU/TH/UR room.

Now that this one is done at a larger scale and with a pretty different drawing style, stay tuned for a redux on the Aliens incarnation of Ripley soon, followed by bald Ripley when we get around to podcasting about Alien3, and finally whatever was going on in Alien Resurrection. Something with a basketball?


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