B&W red

The site is currently undergoing an overhaul, so please bear with me while I work through the backlog of drawings! Eventually some work will be added to Etsy, but for now I’m always very happy to have a chat – please go ahead and send me an email at devlindoesdrawing@gmail.com. Private sales & commissions entirely welcome.

Born and raised in Darlington, currently living in East London. I’ve always loved hand-drawn movie posters – typical 80s kid nostalgia for the likes of the peerless Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel and their hyperreal, luminous masterpieces. As a far more impatient, and far less well trained sketcher, though, I was always drawn (ha!) far more to the rougher preliminary sketches they would mock up prior to the daunting final work. I really love seeing the mark making and the choices being made quickly and intuitively – if I can see the grit of the pencil, I’m happy!

After a lot of trial and error, I settled in to mostly using black, grey and white charcoal pencils on toned grey paper. As a co-host of The Rewind Movie Podcast I took on the job of accompanying every episode with a cover image. Some are rushed out in barely an hour, some I’ll hover around for a while doing off-and-on tinkering, but all are drawn after we’ve recorded our session, hopefully to allow the chosen reference image to resonate with what we’ve discussed. I also tend to work on smaller formats – if you limit the space you’re allowed to draw in, you have to make quick decisions as to what to include and what to leave out. Also my flat is pretty small, so that helps.

You’ll find here a selection of those cover images, alongside some exciting larger projects like the nascent Russ Meyer poster project. There’ll be more director retrospectives and movie projects to come over the next few months.

Also included are some life drawing sketches, mostly drawn at The Moon and Nude life drawing society, at The Sun Pub in Clapham, over the last couple of years. Others were drawn at my kitchen table from reference images. Trying to interpret the effort and creativity of a life model’s pose, in person, on to the page in a limited time, makes for a really fun contrasting challenge to the more strict movie drawings.

I’d love to create more work to order – whether portraits of friends, partners, family or loved ones, or of your favourite movies & TV shows (or a combination of the two, as in this sketch for my good friend, fellow podcast host, and Columbo fan Gali).

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